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USPS Shipping

USPS Shipping Software

ABOL Software is your ideal partner for postal shipping solutions. With over a decade of experience in Postal Shipping, ABOL has a system for any size shipper or postal service. It doesn’t matter if you want to ship a package to the grand children, or process a 100,000 shipments a day with DDU entry. USPS Shipping Software is an ideal solution for any size shipper.

ABOL has a matching software solution. Our systems were one of the 1st to offer PC postage to shippers as well as the 1st USPS certified eVS vendor. ABOL’s systems can meet all your postal needs.

Postal Service Approvals

ABOL Easy-eVS is eVS compliant, but you must be approved by USPS to ship eVS. ABOL software proactively manages your appplication process to obtain rapid USPS approvals for you.

Additionally ABOL provides solutions for ePacket, IPA / ISAL, Presort services, Drop Shipping, Consolidators, International Postal Solutions and Virtual Manifesting. Please see below for details.

The change in postal requirements is the trigger that’s accelerating the transition from untracked mail pieces to tracked parcels. Until very recently it was as simple as putting an address on a package and getting it out the door. New postal service regulations are mandating that package details be required which constitutes some type of automation. The move to lower cost tracked alternatives can be showcased with the advent of the USPS ePacket service. It’s a hybrid of traditional mail and premium parcel services. ABOL Software is the first 3rd party software vendor to support ePacket. The holy grail of international parcel services is to reach the volume where direct injection is profitable. Packages are labeled with country specific carriers labels and then shipped in bulk to the destination country. Offering this service successfully and in a scalable meaning requires the perfect combination of systems and operational excellence.

The USPS has a international First-Class bulk delivery services at presort discounts called “International Priority Airmail” (IPA) and “International Surface Air Lift” (ISAL). There is also a bulk service carried by IPA or ISAL for non-dutiable (mostly flats) to a single addressee, called M-Bag. These services permit sorted mail to be sacked into sacks weighing generally between 5 and 66 pounds. Postage is calculated generally by sack weight, but there are some per-piece charges as well. Dutiable parcels will have a barcoded CN22 attached. There is no requirement for barcodes on non-dutiable parcels. ABOL is one of the few system and service providers which can offer domestic and international consolidation systems.

ABOL has long experience working with domestic consolidators and understands their needs. In addition, over the last six years, ABOL has pioneered international direct injection services for carriers and shippers around the world. With the addition of the IPA / ISAL services, ABOL has the complete consolidator solution no other service provider can offer in one platform. In addition, it’s scalable and flexible to support the most demanding operations.

Is eVS Right For Your Business?

Parcels: Priority Mail ( incl. Flat Rate Boxes), Express Mail, First Class , Media Mail, Parcel Post.
All of ABOL’s shipping solutions support single piece parcel services with iabol starting as low as $9.99 / month with USPS support.

To meet customers needs, ABOL offers several postal shipping options:


PC Postage thru Endicia


Permit based Manifesting


eVS – Electronic Verification Service

  • No permit required
  • No manifest approval needed
  • No paper postage statement or manifest require
  • No presenting to local acceptance
  • Drop in the mail box or hand it to your carrier
  • Free Carrier pickup

  • Ideal for shippers with existing permit
  • Requires local or BEMU acceptance
  • Ideal for really high volume shippers
  • Requires postage statement and manifest

  • No more Manifest or postage Statement required
  • Dispatch at your convenience
  • USPS samples shipments electronicly at various points in their network

Parcel Select, Standard Mail, First Class Parcel and Mail

Presort capability is only available with AMX, desktop shipping system. AMX supports traditional Manifesting as well as eVS.

Supported Mail Classes and presort options:

  • Standard Mail
  • Machinable
  • Irregular

DDU Entry, NDC & SCF

ABOL Software has a long standing history of working with USPS and large drop shipper and consolidators and therefore has always been at the forefront of mail preparation and USPS systems.

ABOL was one of the 1st vendors to support the combination of different mail classes for a single DDU entry. ABOL has complete solutions for mailers with mail / parcel volumes eligible for destination entry, including freight load and dispatch functionality.

ABOL requires a customer to be on eVS for the combination of different mail classes. For example, if the combination of Standard Mail Parcels and Parcel Select in one sack then that would qualify.

ABOL has been a software partner for many consolidators since the beginning of postal workshare discounts.

Therefore, we are the perfect solution for consolidator customers. We understand their processes and requirements.

Supported Consolidators

DDU Entry, NDC & SCF

ABOL support many postal services in foreign countries. Please check in our global solutions section for a list of carriers and service. Or contact us directly on how we can assist with postal support in Canada or Europe.

ABOl Software Solutions AMX iAbol API ASI
Domestic Parcels
International Parcels
Rate Shopping
Address Validation
Hardware Support

Three Virtual Manifest Solutions Empower You to Leverage Easy-eVS

Easy-eVS Priority API

ABOL Easy-eVS Priority API leverages XML to integrate USPS rating, routing and manifesting with your existing manifest technology and business processes to enable you to quickly and seamlessly ship single-piece, non-presort USPS Priority mail.


FTP / AS2 securely transmits your data to ABOL’s Data Management Center, where proprietary software and services prepare, transmit and monitor your eVS manifests.

Custom Integration

Custom Solutions: Do you have a special need, or a corporate standard for data security? No problem. ABOL Software supports numerous other data management strategies. Just ask!